Coming This Fall

    Upmarket is a digital marketplace bringing pop-up events online.

    We pair shopping from exceptional small businesses with live and interactive content. We'll help you reach new audiences this holiday season with an innovative approach to online events.

    Our mission is to simplify and reinvigorate the joys of holiday shopping. We're launching this fall with an online holiday market, which will feature a highly curated list of vendors and content.

    We're looking for additional vendors.
    Apply via the link below or use the form at the bottom of this page to express your interest and get more information.

    A new vision for online shopping.

    The seismic shifts in the retail industry have accelerated the trends toward online shopping, which disadvantages small retailers in the short run. Upmarket is aiming to help balance the scales in time for the busiest shopping season of the year.

    Just like you, we’re owners of a small retail business who have had to turn on a dime and pivot during the last few months. The vision of Upmarket came from this recognition of retail’s new landscape.

    The world needs a more entertaining way to shop, and the holiday season is the best time to start. We hope you’ll join us in this pursuit.

    Sell more this winter.

    Upmarket offers an opportunity to expand your brand's reach. We serve as a complement to your standard wholesaling or retail channels.

    With customized "booths" for vendors, live and interactive content, and a focus on marketing, our platform will strengthen your relationship with existing customers and forge connections with new ones.

    And finally, joining us is low-risk—there are no expensive signup fees, long-term commitments, or product minimums.

    Your brand will shine with a customized "booth" of its own.

    Your section of the site will be made to feel like its own shop, specifically designed to match your brand's guidelines. We'll seek out your feedback and you can be as involved in the process as you'd like. Shopping and checkout happen on our site.

    Pop-up events aren't just shopping, they're entertainment.

    We're creating live, interactive holiday-themed content, like cooking classes, Christmas music concerts, and at-home arts & crafts, as a way to drive engagement and encourage customers to shop at your brands.

    We have lots of ways to get the word out.

    We're dedicating ourselves to marketing, with a strategy that includes digital media advertising, influencer campaigns, and an affiliate program. We'll also seek out press and other PR opportunities.

    We sell, you relax. Don't sweat it.

    After checkout we communicate directly with your warehouse or logistics provider to simplify fulfillment. Your share of the purchase is deposited same day.

    5% of each sale is designated for a shared marketing fund, plus a 12% selling fee.

    Signing up with us is easy.

    What we need from you:

    Fill out the interest form below.Submit an application—you can find it here.Upon accepance, pay the signup fee of $250.Choose the products you'd like to list.Support us in spreading the word.That's it!

    What you'll get from us:

    Help through the entire signup process.Easy integration with your warehouse or logistics provider (if you do this yourself, we'll work with you!)Advertising materials for social media.A "booth" on Upmarket for the duration of the 2020 holiday market.Sales from new customers that love your brand.


    When is the holiday market? Any other key dates?

    The market will be open from November 4th to January 3rd, with a preview weekend for specific backers beginning October 29th. Our content series will run November 19th to December 24th.

    Does the Upmarket site host my products or will you be linking to my website?

    Upmarket will host a selection of your products on our website. We're doing this with both the customer and the vendor in mind—it makes for a frictionless shopping experience by allowing a shopper to fill their cart with products from multiple vendors. We want customers to select products from a variety of vendors instead of only shopping at a single vendor, which would be more likely if we simply redirected to other websites.

    My brand has its own online shop already. Why should I let you also list my products? Can I continue to sell on my own site?

    We encourage you to sell your products elsewhere on the internet as well. Upmarket is a complementary marketplace, and we hope customers continue shopping with you via your own retail channels after the event. We will provide you the information you need to hold onto those customers after the event ends.

    Why don't I just create my own content instead of signing up with you?

    As opposed to selling a specific product, our content is meant to create an experience that competes with the actual activity of visiting a holiday market.

    We'd encourage your brand to explore similar methods of social media engagement, like Instagram Live, in addition to signing up with us. That said, our content will be different than what we'd expect an individual brand to create.

    We'll be targeting traditional holiday market audiences, so there's an alternative for classic winter traditions during a time when it isn't as safe to participate in those activities in person.

    How does shipping work?

    Purchases will be routed to your company's typical order fulfillment system. We are able to connect our site to your logistics software, or even directly to your warehouse or 3PL, for automatic order fulfillment just as if the product was purchased on your site.

    In terms of cost, we are asking our vendors to plan for shipping costs in the list price of their products. To partially contribute to those costs, each purchase will charge customers a flat $7 shipping fee, which will be split evenly among all vendors that are a part of that order.

    This process is meant to be as simple as possible for the customer, as charging extra shipping for orders with multiple vendors would discourage customers from sampling multiple vendors.

    Please include shipping costs in the calculation of your products' list price. The shipping fee will contribute to offsetting that cost, but likely not fully cover the cost on average.

    Get more information.

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